Baltic Sea Region Territorial Monitoring System

Territorial Cohesion - General description

In this testing case, territorial cohesion is addressed by highlighting and analysing a number of outspoken or at least relatively clearly understood BSR or EU wide strategic goals connected to the vast array of the territorial cohesion discourses and trying to fit in the information contained in the monitoring system into this loose framework.

While this may not provide a full examination of each single component of the monitoring system, this approach nonetheless has the advantage of being able to connect to ongoing policy development better that a purely mechanical socio-economically thematic scrutiny.

Attention has been given to experimenting with numerous analytical and visual techniques, as well as a conscious utilisation of most of the information contained in the monitoring system. Thus, in this case study to some extent data across different domains have been combined. In order to structure this wide array of issues, discussion of territorial cohesion is divided into the following strands:

  • A balanced territorial development
  • Diminishing territorial divides
  • Developing competitiveness through smart growth
  • Ensuring accessibility, connectivity and parity of access
  • Ensuring sustainable growth
  • Creating inclusive growth
  • Synthetic analysis
  • Principal BSR divides

The results and visualisation sections are subdivided accordingly.