Baltic Sea Region Territorial Monitoring System

Results / Key Messages: “Diminishing territorial divides”

  • Territorial divides in the BSR are pronounced in the light of urban hierarchy. Regarding specific types of territories in the BSR, most appear to be moving in the wrong direction, border areas constituting the primary exception.
  • The east-west border is no longer the most pronounced material welfare gap in the BSR as disparities across national borders have generally reduced.
  • In contrast, disparities in GDP/capita between adjacent regions inside countries have in the past 15 years exploded, particularly in eastern BSR, but most major metropolitan areas also in the west are being segregated from their surroundings. It is evident that the urban hierarchy is a decisive factor across the BSR in dictating the magnitude of on-the-ground territorial disparities.
  • Corresponding disparities in unemployment rates show different patterns: country and economic structure are more important.