Baltic Sea Region Territorial Monitoring System

Overall benchmarking - Policy context

EU27 is too large and too diverse to continue with policy making based on a principle that uniform solutions fit all. Territorial diversification of policies, allowing for different goals and measures for different parts of EU, tailoring policies to territorial specificities and potential is an inevitable future of the European programming and decision-making in order to alleviate inevitable tensions and capitalize on EU diversity. Territorial measurement is one of key prerequisites for that.

Thus territorial measurement allowing for benchmarking, comparison and monitoring of territorial development of pan-European (macroregions) is an important vehicle for fuelling many policies and decision-making process with necessary evidences and analysis. The following policies and processes should be mentioned in this context:

  • Territorial Agenda (TA) of EU:
    • TeMo is able to deliver important information to the new (future) report Territorial State and Perspectives of the EU,
    • TeMo will help in monitoring of TA implementation and facilitate its evaluation;
  • Macroregional strategies (such as the BSR one):
    • TeMo will help to make those strategies more territorially integrated and better tailored to the problems and challenges of a given macro region,
    • TeMo will bring necessary evidences for making preparation process more place-based,
    • TeMo can give a starting point for evaluation of territorial impacts of such strategies;
  • Spatial strategies of macroregions (example is the VASAB Long Term Perspective):
    • TeMo will help to better integrate spatial strategies of different macroregions among each other,
    • TeMo will help to streamline spatial strategies and focus them on the most important long term processes,
    • TeMo will help in monitoring their implementation and in their evaluation;
  • Operational Programmes under the European Territorial Co-operation – transnational strand:
    • TeMo provides member countries with additional evidences for better focusing of macroregional priorities and measures,
    • TeMo provides a reliable tool for EU Commission for starting evidence based discussions with the member states on the focus and specificity of each programme and relations between them;
  • Territorial impacts of different EU policies at macroregional level:
    • TeMo is a useful platform for EU member states and EU Commission for discussing the extent the EU policies take into consideration specificities of different macroregions,
    • TeMo can give a starting point for evaluation of territorial impacts of such policies.

Moreover TeMo tests data availability and information constraint hampering to achieve aforesaid benefits and synergies.