Baltic Sea Region Territorial Monitoring System

Urban connectivity by rail


Model input data (modal travel times between all cities in Europe with more than 50,000 inhabitants) received from ESPON TRACC project further processed in a way to count the number of destination cities within reach from each city within 2 hours (domestic travel) and 5 hours (international travel) respectively. Actually this indicator provides two independent figures for each city:

  • Number of cities within 2 hours train travel time (rail domestic)
  • Number of cities within 5 hours train travel time (rail international


This indicator is available for 2011 for selected cities in the BSR, including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Germany and Denmark.


To date data are only available for 2011.

Geographical scale

Data available for a selection of case cities in the Baltic Sea Region. Further data would be available for other cities in Europe with more than 50,000 inhabitants.

Data source

RRG Spatial Planning and Geoinformation (RRG), via ESPON TRACC.