Baltic Sea Region Territorial Monitoring System

Net migration rate


Input data on net migration in absolute figures were collected, and annual net migration rates as well as average annual migration rates were calculated.


 The indicator is available annually for two time periods:

  1. For the period 2005-2010; available for entire ESPON space; data for Denmark and Finland 2007-2010, data for Russia 2005-2009.
  2. For the period 2007-2012; available for entire ESPON space, including Turkey, plus Belarus and Russian BSR regions, but lacking for Bosnia and Hercegovina, Albania, Kosovo and Serbia.


Annual updates of required population input data are available from Eurostat, Rosstat and Belstat.

Geographical scale

Data available at NUTS-3 level and higher (except as indicated). NUTS-3 level is preferred spatial level.

Data source(s)

Eurostat Regio Database, Rosstat and Belstat for population input data.