Baltic Sea Region Territorial Monitoring System

Fragmentation index

Dataset information

Name: Fragmentation index, defined as effective mesh size (MEFF) and effective mesh density (SEFF) for fragmented geometries.
Metadata date: 13 February 2014
Abstract: This file contains the regional figures on fragmentation for the two indicator definitions.
Topic category: Environment
Keywords: environment, land use, land coverage, fragmentation, habitats, nature, nature reserves
Temporal extent: 2002, 2009 (data for 2010 to be published soon by EEA)
Data type: float
Unit of measurement: km2 and number, respectively
Numerator / denominator scale: 1
Ranking: false
Minimum: n/a           Maximum: n/a

Data source(s)

Date: 2014-02-01
Provider: European Environment Agency (EEA)
Access rule: public
Estimation: modelled       Quality level: good


Use contraint: copyright
Access condition: unclassified    Other constraints: unclassified