Baltic Sea Region Territorial Monitoring System

New soil sealing per capita H


Data used as provided from data sources.


This indicator is available for two years, i.e. 2006 and 2009 at LAU-2 basis for the entire ESPON Space except Slovenia and outermost territories.. Data for Belarus and Russia is also missing.


So far the indicator is available on LAU level for two years. Regular updates are recommended, for instance every two or three years.

Geographical scale

Data available at LAU-2 level for entire Europe, except for Belarus, Russia and Slovenia. Data could be aggregated to higher spatial levels. Earlier calculations aggregated indicator values to NUTS-3 level. However, soil sealing is rather of a territorial nature and therefore it could make more sense to aggregate it into urban areas, costal or other geographic structures rather than administrative levels, e.g. NUTS units.

Data source

EEA, processed from raster data by UAB (Spain). Results of earlier calculations provided through ESPON ETMS, previous calculations taken from 5th Cohesion Report, EEA and Eurostat.